Cheap eats and clean eating near ODU


Photo by Lacey Williams, courtesy Unsplash.

Originally published April 25, 2019.


Many assume balancing a healthy lifestyle in college is pretty impossible. The reasons range from not having enough time to not having enough money, or having few options near where college students mostly live. However, Norfolk does have some really delicious and affordable food places to go to for lunch. Whether if one does not want to eat in the campus cafeteria or want to check out the local healthy spots occasionally, here are some of the top cheap, clean eats to try.


Courtesy TripAdvisor

Price range: $2-$8 | Menu

Not only is this little coffee shop and cafe right under the University village on Monarch Way, but it’s a mostly quiet spot that can be a preferable place to study. Not only does Borjo’s serves delicious coffee and lattes, but they also serve wraps, salad plates and sandwiches. If you’re looking for a quick healthy eats and some coffee to get you started for the day, then Borjo’s is perfect for a sunny morning to start up.

If you sign up for the Tastebud’s (Borjo’s ‘sister’ coffee cafe and shop) Reward Program, you’ll be able to get random discounts* every time you buy something from Borjo’s.

Town Center’s Cold Pressed

Courtesy Town Center Cold Pressed

Price range: $3.50-$10 | GHENT Menu

If you’re looking for food that is equally healthy AND filling, try Town Center’s Cold Pressed, or TCCP for short. The cafe and coffee shop is a local favorite spot and is also vegan-friendly. TCCP is known for their amazingly delicious drinks and vibrant “warm” bowls. Located five to ten minutes away from campus on Colley Ave, the cafe itself is pretty small. However, their menu has a variety of healthy bowls and drinks for under $10.

They have colorful, “warm” bowls that are filled with both domestic and exotic vegetables, with an option for protein or a bed of rice or quinoa. TCCP’s smoothie bowls are also just as amazing as their “warm” bowls. From acai to matcha, these bowls can be topped off with coconut flakes, exotic fruits, granola and more. Both types of bowls are decorated with an orchid to finish. If you download the TCCP app from the app store, you’ll be able to get many discounts such as the loyalty and student discount.

Mr. Shawarma

Photo Courtesy of Yelp

Price range: $11-20 | Menu

Mr. Shawarma may be on the pricier side, but there’s a reason why their food is pricier than the rest. Located about 10 minutes away from campus on W 21st Street, this chipotle-style restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean/Middle Eastern foods. From their Shawarma bowl to the Sharwarma and Fafafel wraps, you can stuff these with vegetables, salads, protein and rice on a bed of smooth hummus.


In fact, if you end up ordering the Shawarma bowl, it comes with a loaf of warm pita bread as well. The meal will have earned its price by the end because you definitely will be full. There are free pickled peppers and pickles as well as refillable water.

Strawberry Fields Smoothies and Gelato

Photo Courtesy of Strawberry Fields Smoothies and Gelato

Price range: $3-6

Whether after a big lunch or dinner, hot day or simply craving sweets, Strawberry Fields Smoothie and Gelato would be an ideal place to go. Located about 10 minutes away from campus, Strawberry fields has a variety of options for gelatos and smoothies. From freshly squeezed juices to acai bowl, the shop uses exclusively natural flavors to make their delicious desserts.