‘Amo’ shows another side to Bring Me the Horizon


Courtesy RCA Records

Originally published on February 7, 2019.


Bring Me the Horizon, primarily known for their heavy metal music and have occasionally dipped their toes in the scream-o genre, is back again with their newest album ‘Amo’ that was released in Nov. of 2018.


BMTH is one of those metal bands that no one could have predicted how big they have grown at this point. Hard-core fans will even say the band has been a rock/metal staple since the mid-2000s.


After the release of their successful studio album ‘That’s the Spirit’ back in 2015, BMTH decided to switch it up a bit with their next one, shying away from their typical modern rock and metal roots to bring fans a lighter, still very much so rock, tone to their newest installment.


While ‘That’s the Spirit’ relied on grungier, angrier sounds and lyrics to guide them through their popular metal album, ‘Amo’ shocked fans with an album filled with songs that hardly contain any screaming or metal aspects in general, minus a few songs here and there. With a lighter feeling carrying the album along, BMTH fans were expecting to hear that familiar sound that usually comes with a BMTH album, especially after BMTH released their first single, ‘Mantra’, which contained more of that classic BMTH sound.


‘Amo’ begins with a 2 min. intro. song, ‘I’m Sorry if You Feel Something’ that opens the album with an electronic, atmospheric, almost reverie-like tone that sets the stage for the rest of the album. The electronic keyboard sits center stage within the song, with a few simple lyrics that sit atop the notes like flower petals blowing through the wind.


That dream-like sound would be short-lived as soon as those two minutes are up, and ‘Mantra’ immediately begins. This is the classic BMTH that fans know, that instantly snaps the listener out of the last song. The album almost seems to roller coaster it’s way through the album, as each song takes their turns going from hard rock, to a softer atmosphere, and back to hard rock again.


BMTH is certainly experimenting with this album, with their most notably different sounding songs meshed in throughout songs fans know and can feel familiar with. While not screaming in many of their songs, or containing lyrics riddled with dreams of revenge and friends who you thought were true turning on you “Don’t you know don’t you know / True friends stab you in the front”, BMTH is definitely confident about the new direction they are taking their music in.


BMTH new album doesn’t quite fall within any certain category of music; a trend that is becoming more and more apparent within the music industry. For the older fans, it might take a few tries to understand and get used to the newer sound, while newer listeners might like the album right off the bat.


Whichever one you are, it is certainly worth giving it a shot.


‘Amo’ is available everywhere now.