Blind: A new short film by Parable Kingdom and Morris B. Cinema


Courtesy of Parable Kingdom and Morris B. Cinema

By Natalie Hockaday, News Editor

Originally published on December 31, 2018.


Parable Kingdom and Morris B. Cinema have collaboratively created a film called Blind which is about a group of six people who plan a robbery but cannot get over their personal motives which in result shows the amount of power money can have on a group of people.


The short film was directed by Clifton Williamson Jr. and he states his inspiration stemmed from God. “This project is important because it shows the reality of people who know of God but decide to be disobedient. When we are disobedient and despise wisdom that is given to us freely, a tragic event can happen to open our eyes, give us a reality check, and bring us back to the path we strayed away from,” said Williamson Jr. The director places his passion for filmmaking in a project that discusses confronting oneself by reflecting on past decisions.


Caleb Royal Henderson was cast in the short film Blind. Henderson is the youngest of four children and was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Henderson pursued his passion for acting after he was approached by the youth pastor at his church to write a skit for the teenagers to perform. Shortly after acknowledging his passion for film Henderson starred in short films such as Red Cash, Synonym of Outlaw and now Blind.


Morris Lee Barco Jr. was also cast in Blind. He was born into a military family in Chesapeake, Virginia. Barco Jr. pursued in interest in acting in 2004 and joined the Sylvia Houston talent agency. Barco Jr. has had roles in Wicked Attraction and FBI Criminal Pursuit. He has now taken a step in directing a producing his own films as well as producing for local artists Gerell “Sincere” Traynum.


Ebony Love is an African American speaker, actress and writer who was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia. Since a young age, Love has always gravitated to acting and officially pursued it in high school by participating in short productions. Instead pursuing acting school, Love attended Norfolk State University and later joined the Norfolk State Theatre Company. Love’s latest project was being cased as Lust in the short film Blind which is her first film production. Love plans to further her involvement in the film industry through acting and writing scripts of her own.


The film Blind will be showcased on February 22nd at 1015 E. Little Back River Road, Hampton, Virginia. The film is an adaptation of discovering how to learn from past experiences and mold your own future through guidance of a higher power.


“I truly believe that in order to see a change in the world, you must first see a change in yourself, but imagine if mirrors were never created. How would we get the speck out of our own eye? Some of us keep dabbing, rubbing, and picking at our eye, missing the speck every time and making it worse. The best decision to make is to look into the mirror and believe that you can be healed,” said Williamson Jr.