Campus Clean-up Redefined


photo courtesy of google images

By Hannah Smith, Technology Editor

Originally published October 25, 2021.


In the beginning of the fall semester, a mixed class of undergraduate and graduate public relations and strategic communication students were given the task of being partnered with a handful of small business start-ups in downtown Norfolk at Assembly.


As mentioned previously in a preceding article written about the partnerships, collaborations have been taking place over Zoom meetings and in-person if both parties feel comfortable enough. Some examples of the work and deliverables that the students have done so far include creating social media campaigns, increasing advertisements for key stakeholders, and updating websites for the intended audience of the company that they are working with.


One partnership that is really unique in its nature is between a senior and a company called FrontlineGig. This company is a faster and more cost-effective way for cities to deploy and manage litter collection crews. It uses gig workers to fill the gaps left by full time staff, allowing public works to more seamlessly scale up workers on demand. It is special because the student has taken the initiative to use Old Dominion as a ground to help implement what the company is trying to achieve. Essentially, FrontlineGig is mimicking the ways of Uber and Doordash in the lens of employee interest.


There have been surveys conducted in public spaces around campus like the Webb Center. They have also been massively dispersed through the university’s announcements via daily email. Not only does this method spread interest about the company, but it allows for stronger growth as well. With this, the amount of awareness on campus will be higher and there will be a more effective way to keep Old Dominion shining.