Top 7 Technology Resources to Use as a Student


By Hannah Smith, Technology Editor

Originally published September 27, 2021.


Attending class in person or online? If you’re an ODU student, there are ample amounts of resources that are available to you just because you pay tuition. Campus resources make it easier to get one step closer to your degree. Check out this list to see the top seven most useful resources as a college student.


1. Microsoft Office 365


Whether you have this already installed on your computer or you use the university computers, make sure you’re using your MIDAS ID and password. Microsoft Office 365 is a software available to you for free. Enjoy the latest versions of Office products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to download on your device.


2. Monarch Virtual Environment


This software called Monarch Virtual Environment provides access to virtually any university workstation that has the same abilities and softwares as one in an ITS computer lab. In addition, it provides access to some department specific computer softwares.


3. LinkedIn Learning


LinkedIn Learning is an online platform that teaches the latest softwares, soft skills, and trainings for almost any career field. These trainings are taught through the individuals who are highly spoken of in their industry. This resource is free to students and gives access to the entire LinkedIn Learning training library.


4. Amazon Student


As a student, you can get Amazon Student for free for six months. After the six month trial ends, students are still eligible for a discounted price to get Amazon Prime for 50 percent off. Here, you will be able to get instant video, music, and two-day shipping.


5. Spotify


Being a student saves you on the tunes. Students can access Spotify Premium for 50 percent off. This also includes Hulu and Showtime.


6. Media Devices at Perry Library


ODU students can check out media equipment and devices through the Equipment Loan Borrower Agreement. If you need a camera for a class assignment or are creating a podcast for a project, be sure to check out the sound room equipment. The Perry Library can meet all of these needs so that you can have the best gear to have your creative ideas come to life!


7. Adobe Creative Cloud


This may be the best deal through a monetary lens, as Adobe Creative Cloud services save students over 60 percent. Students pay $19.99 a month compared to $52.99 a month. This overarching service includes a wide variety of applications. Some crowd favorites include Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, InDesign, and Premiere Pro.