Tik Tok: Fashion on Campus is on a New Watch


By Hannah Smith, Technology Editor

Originally posted September 13, 2021.


When Tik Tok began to take residency on people’s home screens, there was an unspoken movement of fashion trends on the horizon. From small businesses to monopolies in the fashion industry, these companies have seized the opportunity to freely advertise and market their products with the click of a “heart” on a screen.


There has not been a time like now, when one can walk around Kaufman Mall and recognize the trends left and right.


What does this mean as a student with an entrepreneurial mindset?



Air Force 1’s, the comeback of the 90’s style, chunky gold hoops-these are just some of the evident trends around campus. Tik Tok is to thank for the PSA that everyone “should” be sporting these trends. It brings freedom to creatives and gives users a platform to share what expressing themselves means to them.


Not only for the trends sake, but technology has played such a key role in the progression to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry. This means taking action to use recycled products and materials instead of exhausting resources to save a nickel and dime. This is not to mention the rise in popularity of second-hand shopping in consignment stores, thrift stores, and online thrifting accounts. This past February, ODU even took part by hosting a “Monarch Thrift Store”, which gave students and faculty the opportunity to donate and shop.


All of these ways have made a rise to the top, simply by “hauls” on Tik Tok becoming the “it” thing to do.


What will Tik Tok take reign of next?