Spotify reveals new “Stories” feature & HiFi subscription


Photo Courtesy: James Martin via CNET

By AviYonce Scott, Technology Editor

Originally published March 1, 2021.


Spotify has revealed that they will soon debut a new “Stories” feature called Spotify Clips. At the company’s virtually exclusive Stream On event on Monday, Feb.22, Spotify announced that Clips will soon be available on Spotify artists’ playlists. The feature will allow listeners to connect with artists on a consistent basis. Spotify Clips is currently in the testing stages, but it’s soon to launch on every Spotify user’s app.


Stories have become a staple for almost every other app including Instagram, Facebook, and now Twitter. It’s become a way for people to connect with friends, influencers, brands, and celebrities on a daily and sometimes hourly basis.


Unfortunately, posting to Spotify Clips won’t be available for everyone. Listeners won’t get to share their own content. Instead, only artists and other creators with a Spotify Artists page will be able to share pictures and videos.


Spotify didn’t just announce their Clips, but they also launched Spotify HiFi, set to make its debut sometime later this year. The company plans to bring a lossless, CD quality audio format, which is similar to the experience that Tidal and Amazon HD provides to its listeners. Spotify hasn’t made it clear how much Hi-Fi will cost. However, Tidal’s premium subscription cost is $19.99 while Amazon HD ranges from $12.99 to $14.99, which could give insight into how much a lossless audio experience will cost with Spotify.


The company also said that they are working with most reputable speaker manufacturers to ensure Spotify HiFi is supported through Spotify Connect, where users will connect to speakers and other bluetooth devices while using their phones as a remote.


Although the company has not revealed the timeline for the Hi-Fi launch, it will be introduced in a select few markets this year on a global scale.