Sony’s PS5 Event Turns Heads


Photo courtesy of Sony

By Tyler Eddins, Technology Editor

Originally published September 25, 2020.

This week has been a big one in the world of gaming. This is mostly due to tech company Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) showcase event on Wednesday September 16th. After months of teasers and speculation, Sony finally released the price for the PS5 and the surprise addition of a second model.

The PS5 Standard edition will cost $499.99 while the PS5 Digital Edition will be a hundred dollars cheaper at $399.99. The two versions are almost identical except for the fact that the digital edition will not include a disk drive. All games on the digital edition will have to be purchased from the online PlayStation store.

No matter which edition you choose, both will be backwards compatible allowing you to play games from the previous console the PS4. The only difference is the standard edition will allow you to play both PS4 games on physical disks and ones purchased on the online store.

Owners of the digital version will only be able to replay PS4 games of the latter type.

Both versions of the PS5 will include 825 gigabytes of storage using the new generation of flash-based memory in solid-state drives. This should allow the gaming console to run significantly faster than older models.

The two editions of the PS5 will both be available on November 12th.

Sony’s event also included looks at future games that will be released on the next generation console.

This includes the sequel to 2018’s “God of War”, the surprise “Final Fantasy XVI”, the highly anticipated “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, the next game in the classic horror series “Resident Evil: Village” and the long-rumored open-world “Harry Potter” game “Hogwarts Legacy”.

While the PS5 will include faster storage and better graphics than the PS4, some new games will still be released on the last generation console. This is good news for those that are unable to afford the new consoles right at launch.

Arguably the biggest of which will be “Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War”. The first-person shooter will have an edition of the game that will be able to be played on both the PS4 and PS5, and will carry over progress between the two.