‘Fallout 76’ goes on sale for $35


Courtesy Bethesda

By James Finney, Technology Editor

Originally published November 25, 2018.


“Fallout 76” has gone on sale at Amazon for $35, hardly a week after the game’s release. Though it is normal for triple A games to go on sale during Black Friday, a near 50 percent discount is highly irregular for a game that just made it to market.


This comes after an abysmal response by fans to Bethesda Studio’s first online-multiplayer offering.

“Fallout 76” currently stands at a 55 percent on Metacritic. Gamers took to Twitter and YouTube to rail against “76” with claims that the game is ugly, buggy and devoid of any meaningful content.


The game made significant sales it’s opening week, earning the third place spot on the UK sales chart. However according to a report by VG27, “76” sales make up hardly 20 percent of what “Fallout 4” earned in its opening weekend.


“Fallout 4” is also beating its successor in Twitch numbers. “Fallout 76” only seems to getting half the number of Twitch views as “Fallout 4” did when it released back in 2015, according to a report from VGR.


Despite a poor showing in several areas, Bethesda has affirmed its commitment to “Fallout 76” and has already released several bug fixes and patches for the game.


The game’s lead director Todd Howard described “76” as a game that would evolve as Bethesda observes how players act within the play space. With that in mind, many members of the “Fallout” community have voiced their hopes that with time the game could become a much better product.