Square Enix $33 million loss, Nintendo wins ROM lawsuit for $12 million

By Nia Taylor, Contributing Writer

Originally published November 19, 2018.

Square Enix lost $33 million from redirecting of Luminous Productions.

Following three of the four DLCs planned for “Final Fantasy XV” being cancelled and the game’s lead designer Tabata’s resignation, Square Enix reported a staggering $33 million loss in revenue.


“Final Fantasy XV” Episodes Noctis, Lunafeya and Aranea have been cancelled leaving only Episode Ardyn to be released.


Hajime Tabata now has plans to start his own company and wishes both Square Enix and Luminous success in the future.


After accounting the huge loss and organization of their company, fans are only speculating that this will further delay the development of “Kingdom Hearts III” and “Final Fantasy VII Remake” while leaving the future of “Final Fantasy XV” ambiguous.

Courtesy Legendary Entertainment

The “Detective Pikachu” movie released its first trailer this past Sunday.


Based on the Pokémon game of the same name, Legendary Entertainment has shown viewers a taste of their new movie starring the franchise’s most popular Pokémon, Pikachu.


The trailer showcases a live-action world of Pokémon following Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) and Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) trying to uncover the case of Tim’s missing father.


Pokémon like Mr. Mime, Psyduck, Jigglepuff, Greninja and Charizard come to the real world with detective Pikachu in a retelling of the video game Detective Pikachu. It promises mystery, humor and nostalgia for all Pokémon fans.


Detective Pikachu is set to show in theater on May 11, 2019.

Courtesy Nintendo

Nintendo wins lawsuit against LOVEROMS and LOVERETRO for twelve million dollars.


Website owners Jacob and Cristian Mathias were sued by Nintendo in July for featuring Nintendo classic ROM games in violation of copyright law.


A consent judgement was made, awarding Nintendo with twelve million dollars while their content was removed from the emulator sites. Both websites have since been shut down.

Courtesy The Sims Studio

Sims 4 new update brings environment creation and other additions

On Nov. 13, The Sims 4 updated with a new patch that gave players terrain tools and first-person view.


The patch also put in a new career path of ‘style influencer’ that focuses on setting and reporting on fashion trends.


Players are already using new terrain tools to build incredible landscapes and buildings that can now include more basement levels, half-walls and foundation levels.


Additional add-ons include new clothing, self-employment options for Sims and fixes to glitches.