‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ character reveal, no ‘Diablo 4’ announcement at BlizzCon:weekly roundup

By Nia Taylor, Contributing Writer

Originally published November 7, 2018.

Courtesy Nintendo

New Character’s announced for “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”


November started strong for upcoming titles. On Nov. 1, the final “Smash Direct” video for the upcoming “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” premiered for fans of Masahiro Sakurai’s popular fighting game.


After leaks of the roster began spreading across the internet many fans were crossing their fingers that the leaks of new requested characters would appear in the direct. However, many were disappointed as the leak, known as ‘The Grinch leak,’ was proven to be mostly false.


Two new characters, Ken and Incineroar, were revealed in the beginning of the direct video, but fan favorites such as Geno, Banjo-Kazooie, Issac, Shadow the Hedgehog and other were absent or shown to be assist trophies instead. Rather, the only other new character only playable by pre-order was Piranha Plant.

Courtesy Square Enix

New “Tangled” released trailer for “Kingdom Hearts III”


On Nov. 4 at the Lucca Comics and Games Festival held in Italy, footage of the new world called Kingdom of Corona will be representing “Tangled” for “Kingdom Hearts III.” New Gameplay featured scenes of Sora meeting the movies’ main protagonists, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider as they merged scenes of the movie to the game while demonstrating new Trigger commands and move-sets.


Commands involved moving through the world with the help of Rapunzel’s hair and actions involving Disney rides are in development now. After thirteen years of waiting, fans are still excited for more footage before the launch date of Jan. 29, 2019.

Courtesy Capcom

“Devil May Cry” stage play announced prior to game release


“Devil May Cry” is another title that people are looking forward to when it launches in March 8, 2019.


After the last installment of the demon-slaying franchise, “DMC,” fans placed hope that the next game, “Devil May Cry,” starring Nero from Devil May Cry 4 and the series main hero Dante would redeem the series.


However, before that, fans of Japan are being given a little extra piece of the series through a stage play currently titled as “Devil May Cry: The Live Hacker.” The cast has not been decided and the play is planned to premiere during March.

Courtesy Blizzard

BlizzCon’s lack of a “Diablo 4” announcement leaves fans angry and disappointed


Lastly, Blizzard’s rumor of a new “Diablo” game turned out to be phone game instead of “Diablo 4” at BlizzCon. Rumors that Blizzard at first did intend for there to be an announcement for Diablo 4 left fans disappointed. Rumors from news outlets such as Kotaku wrote that Blizzard had pulled an announcement for Diablo that was meant to appear at BlizzCon.


Blizzard says that they had no intention of making such an announcement but assures fans that they will reveal more Diablo projects in the future.