Twitch money makers

By D'Onna Coleman, Contributing Writer

Originally published on November 1, 2018.


Twitch is a ubiquitous online streaming site that allows you to stream games, shows, movies etc. Games like “Fortnite,” “Dota 2,” “League of Legends,” “FIFA 19” and many more popular games are streamed.


Twitch streamer Lillianadee, known as Lilli by her fans, enjoys streaming video games such as “Fallout 4” (she says she “…Caught the Fallout 4 bug…”), “We Happy Few” and first person shooter games. Like many other gamers on Twitch, Lilli enjoys the lax interaction between her and her fans. The relationship between the streamer and their viewers is a relationship that is like no other. It can be described as a strong, inseparable bond.


“I like Twitch because of the community aspect – it’s so nice to hang out with my viewers and stream and chill. I feel like I have friends all over the map now and I can be myself on there. Everyone is kind and supportive,” Lilli said.


Lilli was kind enough to share many things about Twitch, like how Twitch streamers make money, the frustrating features of the site. Including the benefits and advice for those who want to become streamers themselves.


“Twitch is an online platform for streamers. So you can be a gamer, an artist, an ASMRtist or even a talk show host (plus whatever you like minus nudity) and stream to an audience. It thrives on community interaction and engagement. It began as a streaming platform solely for video games and then added additional categories like IRL (In Real Life) and Talk Shows, Creative, etc,” said Lilli.


“This is something I do for fun to connect with my audience beyond YouTube…” Lilli commented, referring to Twitch.


Twitch streamers make their money streaming for audiences who may give tips, donations, bits or subscribe. For the more popular streamers, their income comes from sponsors.


She expresses a frustration of hers with Twitch is discovering new streamers to watch without making the page lag. “The benefit is always to keep growing, keep improving and providing a better experience for your community,” she said.


Lastly, her advice for newcomers is to have a consistent stream schedule. It may be a difficult start, considering it’s a new platform for social media, but with work (hard work of course) and consistency, it will pay off. No pun intended.


Donations can be given to the streamers starting at $1. There is no maximum payable amount, unless Paypal is used, then the largest amount that can be sent is $10,000, but only in increments. Bits can also be gifted. These “bits” are bitcoins. The tips are at a fixed amount starting at $1.99 and go up to an unlimited amount.


Twitch streamers gather profits through their viewers. This however is no easy feat. Streamers must keep the audience engaged and interact with their viewers, while staying true to heart. Then the audience, in turn, gives rewards to the streamers for creating a great experience.


There are many layers and elements to making money on the platform. It is easy to see why the effort may not be worth it to some. For Lilli however, it undoubtedly is. There are many rewards to being a streamer, such as a platform, money of course and a following.


Making your community happy is a top priority. That being said, it is not for those who do not want to work hard and take time to learn their audience.