ODU Votes To Raise Undergraduate Tuition and Other Expenses By 4.1%


ODU’s Board of Visitors in a 2019 meeting on tuition. The Board is the highest authority on campus. (Credit to Partners for College Affordability, 2019.)

By Justice Menzel, News Editor

On Friday, Apr. 21, the Old Dominion University Board of Visitors met to approve a series of increases to undergraduate room and board, mandatory fees, and tuition by a comprehensive 4.1%. 


The Board of Visitors is the university’s financial, legislative, and electoral head. They have the final say on campus laws and regulations and the power to appoint the University President and control financial decisions.


The news comes one month after a mandatory proposal and public comment period. At the Board’s previous meeting on March 16, Chad A. Reed, ODU’s Vice President for Administration and Finance, gave a presentation detailing a proposed increase “between 0 and 4.99%.” Students at the meeting gave comments urging the Board to consider a lower increase and to offer new aid options for students unable to pay the hike.


On Friday, ODU met expectations when it decided to raise undergraduate tuition by $570  (a 5.1% increase), service fees by $62 (a 15.1% increase), and room and board by $389 (a 3% increase). However, ODU plans to raise both merit and need-based financial aid parallel to tuition by an average of $1,372 per student. 


ODU will be one of many universities in the commonwealth to raise their tuition. The University of Virginia recently voted to raise theirs by 3.7%, while George Mason University will see an increase in the neighborhood of 3%. Most universities in the state are experiencing stagnation in enrollment on top of the inflation crisis, and a tuition increase is an obvious means of escape.


The increase will be made effective in the summer of 2023.