December 8, 2022

At freshman orientation, students are made aware of ODU’s Student Government Organization (SGA) after six hours of officers herding newly admitted students around like cattle. At no point during that orientation, however, are students alerted to the existence of a mysterious ‘student senate’. Rest assured though, ODU students can sleep tonight knowing that the Senate is definitely real and that tuition money generally does not fund them. 


Its purpose is admittedly novel for the SGA and ODU – in theory. The ODU Student Senate serves as the SGA’s legislative body separate from elected officers and directors like the president or secretary. This means that the Senate is the entity responsible for introducing the campus-altering legislation that student governments are known for, as well as voting on amendments to the SGA’s foundational documents, such as its bylaws and constitution. In order for the SGA to mandate any internal changes, a bill must be drafted, introduced and passed in the Senate. 


A recently drafted bill, which is not yet introduced, allows for QR codes to be put on campus doors to act as a hotline for maintenance in the event that one is mistakenly locked. Improving efficiency is the backbone of the Senate’s work.

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