Peanut Butter for Parking Gives Back to the Community


Photo courtesy of ODU Transportation and Parking Services.

ODU is hosting Peanut Butter for Parking Oct. 4-6 at the Transportation and Parking Services Office. During this time, ODU students can pay their ODU parking citation with a donation of peanut butter. 


The donations are redistributed back into the community to help students struggling with food insecurity. Every ounce of peanut butter that a student brings in counts as a dollar towards their citation payment. Students are limited to 100 ounces of peanut butter and all peanut butter must be unopened and unexpired.


All citation types are eligible for Peanut Butter for Parking, including ADA, fire lane, reserved, and citations that are in collections. The initiative excludes citations that are currently under appeal or in a re-appeal process. All outstanding citations must be paid at the time of the donation, and students can only pay for their own citations.


ODU Transportation and Parking Services will be collecting the donations in their office locations in 43rd and Elkhorn Garage between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.