In and Out of the Ring with Colleen Merullo-Sorey


Photo courtesy APAK Media

By James Onuska, Sports Editor

Originally published September 25, 2020.


When walking around campus or sitting in a classroom zoom, you never know what interests or hobbies your classmates have. Junior Colleen Merullo-Sorey is a student that would quickly get your attention as she is majoring in Biology and preparing for a career in education at the High School level. She looks to continue training others in Brazilian Jui Jitsu in a classroom setting and possibly getting involved in coaching volleyball while teaching.


Colleen co-owns Journey Jui Jitsu in Carrollton, Virginia and also trains and manages at Bushido MMA in Portsmouth, Virginia. When we met up with Colleen last week we had an opportunity to ask how difficult it has been with the current pandemic and what aspirations were inside the ring as a trained Brazilian Jui Jitsu fighter. Colleen has been practicing Brazillian Jui Jitsu for over 16 years and was introduced to it by her Father who is also her coach. Colleen has competed in the Pan-Am in the International Brazilian Jui Jitsu Federation. A prestigious tournament where elite experts compete against each other. “In the Jui Jitsu Academy everyone is welcome ”, a message to anyone interested in getting involved.


With both Bushido MMA and Journey Jui Jitsu just recently reopening due to the pandemic, high levels of sanitation is practiced to assure that everyone is safe and competitors are capable of getting in their work. “There was a period where we had to coordinate classes through zoom which eventually led to outside classes but it feels good to be back inside”.


Colleen’s gym is family owned and does a good majority of her sparring with her father and husband who both are physically bigger than her. When we asked Colleen how she feels about it she replied, “ I don’t mind it because it keeps me at top notch”. This will pay off as she is preparing for her MMA debut with Sparta Fight League as an Ameture Fighter. Monarch Nation let us wish Colleen the best in her preparation and cheer one of our own on. If you have any questions or want to get involved in Brazilian Jui Jitsu follow her IG