Quarantine ’15’

By James Onusk, Sports Editor

Originally published September 25, 2020.


What has everyone been doing during the extended period during the Covid-19? Are you consistently working out or allowing 30-60 minutes of exercise a day? The chances are no and a majority of us have packed on a few pounds while disregarding a physical program. The lack of campus activities and strict social distancing guidelines have discouraged many people from achieving their workout schedule and many people find it more comfortable just to snack out on the couch.


Here are a few helpful hints to help you with keeping that athletic edge. One helpful hint is to map out a schedule that’s reasonable and capable of following. For instance, designate Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as days you look forward to your workout. You want to make an effort to go at the same time to develop a pattern. When you consistently accomplish your set schedule, feel free to add another day if desired. Another helpful hint is to find a partner or buddy system that will encourage you to stick to your goals and vice versa. Remember to follow safe social distancing procedures by wearing the proper face mask and/or staying at a safe distance. One more helpful hint is to make sure you create healthy eating habits. If you work out and follow it up with a Big Mac meal with a large soda then you’ve just thrown out that workout. Eating healthy is the biggest component when it comes to staying on track with what you want to achieve physically. Stay away from fatty fried foods and make sure your body gets plenty of fruits and vegetables while drinking a great deal of water.


The Hampton Roads area has several remarkable places that could accommodate you on your journey to staying healthy. Anywhere along the beach makes for terrific terrain to run while doing some calisthenics. Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach has a considerable large track around the property, and their stairs located at the bottom of their massive hill are a great way to push your endurance. Mount Trashmore also has several creative pieces of equipment like pull-up bars and hand cranks to use to help with your workout. And of course, there are several options on Old Dominion’s campus. Check with the Student Recreation Center for availability and closings. Even though we’re enduring a pandemic doesn’t mean we have to miss working out. We all must do our part to avoid that “Quarantine 15,” but do so with a safe and effective approach.