Monarch Sports Pride


Courtesy ODU and Fox

By James Onuska, Staff Writer

Originally published April 16, 2020.


When the Spring semester began, students and faculty were excited with several remarkable things going on with the athletic department at Old Dominion University. The Monarch’s football team hired Ricky Rahne as the new head coach. Coach Rahne spent the last six seasons as an offensive assistant at Penn State under Coach James Franklin. Then you had the Lady Monarch’s basketball team, who were on the verge of returning to the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. Coach Nikki McCray led the Lady Monarchs to an astonishing 24-6 regular season record, which also included a Conference USA best 14-1 record at home. The women’s tennis team was also geared for an opportunity at playoff contention where they were destined to talk with their racquets while exhausting all their hearts on the court.


Spring sports were just getting underway, the University’s baseball team was off to a hot start and the women’s volleyball team were preparing to dish out some spectacular serves. Then the news came one after another of each sport shutting down along with all classes on campus due to the COVID-19 epidemic hitting the United States. This came as a surprise to many and the community continues to be shaken by the development. Many student athletes have had their season shortened, and for many Seniors an opportunity of playing their last game taken right from underneath them.


While the NCAA discusses potential resolutions to allow Seniors to participate in games in the near future, the whole matter is unfortunate and should be considered by NCAA Officials. While students shift from on campus courses to strictly online classes, it’s important to note that Old Dominion University students continue to support each other. This is where the student body along with faculty members can unite and together persevere as the pride that we are. Stay strong Monarch Nation and wear your Blue and Silver with pride.