ODU Football Spring Game

By Siera Goard, Sports Editor

Originally published April 23, 2019.


The countdown to football season has officially begun for Old Dominion University. The team started their spring practicing on March 19.


ODU holds only 8 seniors on their roster this year which is the least their team has had in a very long time. With the team being young, there are no set positions for players as far as we know.


The quarter-back position is being fought for amongst several players; Smartt, Fitzgerald and DeWeaverafter losing Blake LaRussa this past season. LaRussa vacated with other seniors that contributed heavily to the monarchs at the Defensive Back, Wide Receiver and Running Back positions.


Due to lightening warnings and thunderstorms Saturday, the game was delayed 50 minutes. Several hundred of ODU’s most dedicated football fans waited the delay to see what the team has to offer so far before the season officially begins in August.


ODU fans got a glimpse of how the team is developing and who looks promising for positions that are needed to be secured on the field to compete in some of the biggest games on the schedule this season.


Old Dominion will be paying a visit to Virginia Tech after defeating them this past season. If fans didn’t know before, they found out during the spring game that two of Tech’s players, Eric Kumah and Chris Cunningham actually committed to ODU for this upcoming season.


Coach Bobby Wilder stated that he likes the performance he has seen from his players competing for the QB position and the competition is in-fact making them better.


When the clock ran out team Blue defeated White 27-22. “Our team is very young and no positions will be given, each of them will be earned so we will see who takes the lead come August.” Antrell Stephen, ODU Athletics


If you did not get to witness the spring game, be sure to check out ODU’s Football schedule to catch a game this season. The Monarchs will host the Norfolk State Spartans on August 31. New players, new coaches and a brand new stadium.