ODU makes history beating VT


Photo by Josef Hicks

By Siera Gord , Contributing Writer

Originally published October 15, 2018.


On Sept. 22, 2018 Old Dominion University experienced an event in college football history that will always be remembered by the players and fans alike. The Hokies entered Foreman Field confident that they would head back to Blacksburg with an easy win over ODU as they were only predicted a 1.8 percent chance by ESPN to win the game.


When ODU visited VT last season, they never made the board as Tech beat the Monarchs 38-0.


Virginia Tech was ranked No. 13 in the 2018 preseason college football rankings and they were undefeated before playing at S. B. Ballard Stadium.


Prior to playing Tech, ODU was 0-3 in the season, determined to finish with a win. Then the clock ran out, and ODU defeated Tech 49-35 in one of the most shocking upsets in history.


Virginia Tech’s football program was established in 1892 while Old Dominion just recently revived their program in 2009. Tech has played a total of 115 seasons within their program making appearances in eight Conference Championships and 31 Bowl games. Old Dominion has made an appearance in one bowl game during the 2016 season.


As Virginia Tech traveled to Hampton Roads for the first time they are not unfamiliar with the area. Some of the biggest names in Tech’s football program are actually from the 757. These are names that have not been unheard of such as Michael Vick, DeAngelo Hall and Tyrod Taylor. There was no surprise that there is talent on Old Dominion’s football team that has been heavily underestimated.


Since being established in 2009 ODU’s program has had five former players progress to the professional level. The NFL holds on their roster’s from Old Dominion, Rashad Coward of the Chicago Bears, Ray Lawry (Cincinnati Bengals), Taylor Heinicke (Carolina Panthers), Zach Pascal (Indianapolis Colts) and Rick Lovato (Philadelphia Eagles). It is safe to say that Old Dominion’s Football program has become well developed in the short amount of time the program has been around.


When Tech entered S. B. Ballard Stadium there was a record fan base of 20,532 people to watch them face the Monarchs. Fans stayed on their feet as the scores were repetitively close throughout the game. When approaching the fourth quarter the intensity increased as ODU outscored Tech 28-7.


Jeremy Cox rushed a 40-yard touchdown with only 1:34 left to secure the win for Old Dominion with a 49-35 final score. He recorded his fifth career 100-yard rushing game. The Monarchs had a total of 623 yards against Tech. Virginia Tech’s defense has not given up that many yards since playing Syracuse in 2002.


“Going into the game I had the mentality that this is just another game and to stay focused on my job. The anticipation before playing Tech gave me the feeling that this is definitely going to be a lot of fun and one to remember. Our offensive coordinator said to just continue to hold and pound the ball. The last touchdown was amazing. I had chills running through my body and felt the stadium spinning,” said Jeremy Cox, ODU senior running back.


“At the end of the game, I had fans asking to take pictures with me and screaming my name. I even got lifted in the air! The atmosphere was a once in a lifetime moment that I will always cherish and never forget,” said Cox.


History was made as ODU defeated Tech in one of the most memorable upsets in college football the 2018 season.


It will not be the last time the Hokies visit Foreman Field as Old Dominion will host Virginia Tech six more times within the next 13 games scheduled for the upcoming seasons throughout 2031.